When is Unearthed Episode 1 going to be released?

Unearthed Episode 1 Gold Edition is available now on PC/Mac/iOS and Playstation 3 (European and Asian PSN), Android version is coming soon.

What is the difference between the regular version and the Gold Edition of Unearthed Episode 1?

We launched Unearthed Episode 1 in May 29th, 2013 on iOS and PS3. Since then we gathered a lot of comments and feedback from reviewes and users and we made over 120 fixes to the game that include major rewowrking of gameplay systems such as the hand to hand combat, driving, audio recordings and SFX and many others. Because this is a big update we are calling it the Gold Edition. Users who bought the game already will get it as a free update, users who buy the game now will get it by default.

What is the game engine used in Unearthed Episode 1?

Unearthed Episode 1 is using the Unity Game Engine.

Who is developing the game?

Semaphore is the Games, Media and VR subsidiary of Semanoor International. Semanoor International specializes in developing E-Learning and Training solutions.

What are the other projects in your portfolio

Semanoor currently develops the educational curriculum site Nooor.com as well as an online animation production site named Rzooom.com which allows anybody to create and share their animations to web, mobile, social media and even TV. Sboook is a book authoring tool that supports publishing on the iPad.

How many members are there on the team?

Semanoor International consists of over 200 team members spreaded across 7 offices worldwide. Semaphore's team size changes as dictated by the production demands.

What are the supported languages for the game?

The game is available in both Arabic and English for voiceover and in 21 languages for menus and subtitles.

Is the game targeting Middle Eastern audience only?

The game is being presented from the Middle East but we are targeting a world wide audience. We aim to present a non-stereotypical portrail of modern day Middle East.

How can I contact Semaphore?